Part 3 of the "I can guess" series with your host TheCloudsBlackLightning and his fellow Memebers.
Its simple. Answer the questions and I'll tell you who you are. "Respond with quote" is highly recommended for quicker replies. Thank You

1)Which village are you originally from?

2)Whats your ideal hair color?
a-red b-blue c-gray d-Brown e-green f-blonde

3)Which Akatsuki do you think you are?

4)Whats your weapon of choice?
a-Puppets b-bombs c-Sword/ a blade d-My eyes e-papaer mache f-My D***

5)Your Akatsuki partner just died. Whats your reaction?
a-Dammit! I wanted to kill em:mad:
b-The irony
c-Thats unfortunate
e-My Bad. That was me.
f-OOPS! It slipped!:D
g-Dang it.
h-Oh well thats life.:shrug:*whisles*

6)Favorite place?
a-puppet theatre b-Church c-Pakistan d-Grassfield e-Aquariam f-Casinos g-Graveyards

7)Favorite movie?
a-the muppets b-War movies c-Finding Nemo d-Richie Rich e-Green Hornet f-Exorcist

8)Your best quality?
a-Tall b-Loan sharking c-Blowing things up d-cussing e-Grave robbing f-wood carving g-looking cool h-paper mache i-Stalking j-making people wonder who you are

9)Describe Yourself
a-Bipolar b-religious c-Rude d-arrogant e-Sadistic f-Leader g-Mysterious h-Hungry i-deformed

a-Fu** You. b-I cant run c-Why?? d-HOLY **** e-I cant die. f-Whats going on? g-F that Im flyin!

Special thanks to Uxellius for the idea