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    Why the Rin spy idea is whack

    I know that not much is known about Rin and people probably want Rin to be more of a complex character than what she is. However, there are several reasons in Kakashi gaiden and the rest of the series to show why this theory wouldn't make any sense. One of the biggest gripes I have about this theory is that if this is the case why would Obito care. If Obito finds out that Rin is a spy why would he care that Kakashi killed her? Obito may have developed feelings for her, but ultimately his motto was 'those who abandon their comrades are worse then scum' and if Rin is a spy then she isn't a comrade at all.

    If Obito didn't know that Rin was a spy why would he say to Kakashi 'you let Rin die' instead of you killed her? Also, if Kakashi consciously killed Rin why would he say to Obito 'do you blame me?' Why would Kakashi accept blame for doing what is right in the ninja world? Kakashi also mourns Obito and Rin several times throughout the series regretting that he couldn't protect those closest to him.

    Thus, I hope that Rins death is a result of Madara's plans and he orchestrated it somehow. If Rin is a spy or Kakashi consciously killed Rin it wouldn't make any sense with past occurrences. If this is the case I would be done with the manga.
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