firs of i am aware it prbably wont stop the troll but let me try anyway lol

ok this is the data book page written by kishimoto himself......yes that means he knows more about naruto then you do accept it

for this of you who dont know click the image 2 times and it will become very large so you can read

now for those who can and are willing to read check out the bottom right paragrap (and the top right bar where it say susanoo not itachi susanoo not sasuke....susanoo(in general)

for those who wont read this is what it says

two jutsu allowed to be used only by those who have awakened the mangekyo sharigan the heavenly eyes that see all things
in the universe amaterasu representing the light of the material world and tskyomi the nightmare realm representing the
wold of mind and darknesssusano is the strenght of the temptoius force that resides only in those whoo have mastered these
two techs
now what that means is you need tskyomi and materasu to have susanoo...kishi said it no me so accept it because it is why shisui didnt have it and why tobi never will

its why tobi needed sasuke because he cant cast infinite tskyomi without tskyomi