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    Re: Lets put this to rest........sasuke has tskyomi

    Quote Originally Posted by kobak View Post
    1) How do you know Shisui didn't have it? Is it stated in your precious databook which is -how old is it? 4yrs?
    But ok even I don't think that Shisui had Susanoo.But thats the essence: don't state something that's not 100%...I don't say Sasuke doesn't have tsukoyomi, but I haven't really seen much proof of him using it...but Kishi can make him have it if he wants.
    2) We only know that Shisui had KA but we don't know whether it was the ability of only one of his eyes or until it's revealed I assume KA was only 1 of his eyes's ability. So that's why he didn't have Susanoo- in case he really didn't have it...

    Still, you keep repeating your databook but I base my statements on the manga as you see so I can also tell you that manga knows more than you.......
    First of all the data book was written 12 or so chapters before sasuke awakened MS. So it wasn't 4 years old when sasuke already had it. Secondly Shisui had KA in both eyes as danzo and itachi used it out of their own eye of his. Lastly Sasuke is better at Amaterasu while Itachi is better at genjutsu. If sasuke's ms had been shown before itachi's we would be having this debate saying that sasuke does not have amaterasu, as sasuke would be saying genjutsu and blaze release. So because itachi was revealed first tsukuyomi is known, which itachi is better at, and amaterasu was known which sasuke was better at. Only later did we see the upgrade of amaterasu which is blaze release, and the downgrade of tsukuyomi which is sharingan genjutsu. So they both have both, they're just better at one than the other.
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