Dave Matthews Band
Away from the World

Dave Matthews Band (DMB) released their latest album, Away from the World, on September 11th of this year and I've been listening to it non-stop since. I must say I'm pleased to see that DMB has been able to produce another album after their memorial work, Big Whiskey & the GrooGrux King, which was a tribute to the band's deceased saxophonist, LeRoi Moore. Away from the World has much the same flavor as its predecessor album, yet some of the more subtle, acoustic tracks harken back to the bands early days. Overall, I give the album an 8.5/10 because while the all around quality is good, it's not exactly a unique work for the band. Additionally, it does not contain as many dynamic hits as some of their previous works. Regardless, it is worth purchasing in my opinion.

As a preview, here's my favorite song from the album, Belly Belly Nice:

If you've heard the album, what did you think? Do you like DMB? As a fairly avid fan of the band, I'm glad that they've continued to produce good work for this long.