i,ve got reasons why i say minato would rape itachi, first of all i will give you ways minato would counter itachi, susanoo is truly powerful but then all its long range attacks are inferior to minato, minato would easly use his s:t barrier to send susanoo arrows back at itachi, which will be quite bad for the susanoo.. amaterasu is almost instant but then there is always a process, one eye is covered and the other eye starts to bleed, which means after the first hit, it will impossible to hit minato twice with the same jutsu. and if minato gets hit, he could easly seal the fire, he is a master seal, and as for tsukuyumi, every at minatos level is smart enough to knw that u dnt look into the sharingan, about the totsuka sword we all knw its to slow to hit minato, now i will give you a way minato wil break the susanoo, if minato summons ma and pa at a diffrent location which will give them enough time to gather enough sage gen jutsu chakra then teleport them close to itachi to use the same kind of gen jutsu that was used against nagato, which will give enough time to minato to use his barrier to break the susanoo and its game over for itachi, i am no fan boy but its clear minato is even smarter than itachi