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    Orochimaru Leaving The Akatsuki

    So recently i decided to read Naruto manga from the start to finish again and i noticed that the series has only ever touched up on orochimaru's "Immortality Jutsu" a few times.

    As i kept reading on i dropped the pursuit of this issue "immortality jutsu" till around the issue when Orochimaru was brought back to the realm of the living by Sasuke where he clearly stated he did not want anything to do with the current war that was going on.

    This struck me as odd seeing that Orochimaru was once part of the Akatsuki using them to further his own goals of "immortality" he had tried to steal Itachi's body previously in the early issues of the manga. And now has set his focus on Sasuke ?

    That question alone made me realize that maybe Orochimaru was aware of Madara's true intentions of Immortality?
    the reasons i came to this conclusion myself was because of these questions:

    * Tobi/obito replaces Orochimaru's position on the Gedo Mazo statue for sealing as well as Diedera's partner

    1) Nagato was told that the plan was to use the Bijuu as weapons so the Shinobi world would inevitably bow to their will ?
    2) Obito was told the plan was the Infinite Moon Eye's plan, some bullshit genjutsu to enslave the world?

    Why was Orochimaru allowed to leave the akatsuki without being hunted and killed? For someone to have so much Intel on their plans and aspirations surely he would have been a liability?

    Not only that, prior to the start of Shinpuuden, Jiraya stated that Orochimaru had 3 years before able to preform the Body transfer jutsu?

    I bring that up because i find it odd that in the latest chapters Madara states to Obito that "there is still time"

    "there is still time"? dafuq? :confused:

    Orochimaru said that he was watching everything from within Kabuto and was aware of the situation. I strongly feel that from his own perspective in my own words is that.

    1) Madara's ****ed, he blew his chance at immortality. To many mistakes in his plan and has spiraled out of control.
    2) Without my arms I'm as useless as Tits on a ball compared to the caliber of shinobi on the battlefield at the moment.
    3) I'll wait a bit longer till the "timing" is right and all the chips are in my favor again...

    I strongly feel that both Uchiha Madara and Orochimaru share the same goals of "immortality" although each were deceiving one another for the grand quest of "Immortality".

    Its been Orochimaru's life long quest to master all jutsu and he needs to be Immortal or become a god (SOSP)

    I believe the key pieces of this Immortal jutsu are:

    * Rinningan
    * Gedo Mazo + combined bijuu chakra
    * Uchiha body

    In my opinion being the 10 tails Jinchuriki is like being Thanos with all the infinity gems (most powerful being in the marval universe)

    Being able to control that power without being a jinchuriki is like either being able to make a wish from Purunga (DBZ dragon)

    Any thoughts ? comments ? FLAME ME I'M READY LOL
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