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Prior to Naruto leaving for his 3 year apprenticeship with Jiraya, down the bottom of the link Zetsu states that the full gathering of Akatsuki members hasn't been done since Orochimaru had left which was 7 years prior.

^ thats where alot of "what if's" come into it and this whole mystery about "timing" begins i feel
* 3 years is also the amount of time in-between the Body Switch Jutsu from Orochimaru
Yeah that part may very well be linked that 3 year time period, but it might also be that it was the time it would take before something "special" would happen.. As Madara refers to as well, he said "there is still time" and that obito got impatient. Now since we don't know what it is, I would rather believe that the 10 tails can only be revived on a certain day, probably something with the location of the moon or whatever, I doubt the part about oros immortality, because he just wasn't the type to share it.

My point about Oro was that I don't think Oro was associated with the remaining members, which you show here, at least not very deep, and these members gathered here didn't know everything about him. I have made a thread before, where I suggest that Oro got hashiramas remains from the real madara, probably through some transformed zetsu clone. Then Oro did some favor for him, which was "spurring" Yahiko to start akatsuki, so this is much earlier than this scene, whereas most of these people weren't in akatsuki (except for nagato and konan). It is because obito said he made yahiko start akatsuki, but he wasn't even born at the time it was started. Anyway just the short version of it..