I'm only taking at the most five (5) taijutsu students right now, and priority goes to newer members who haven't received any training and/or Kaguya Clan members. I'll also be taking 3 students for Kaito's Tai as well, granted you have permission to learn them and MSN PERMISSION IS NOT ELIGIBLE. In order to receive training, you must fill out this application. NOTE: ANYONE WHO ASK FOR TRAINING VIA VMS AND/OR PMS WILL BE DECLINED AND IGNORED. Fill out the application below and I'll start making my selections for the first group of students. I may or may not take exactly five taijutsu students or 3 Kaito's tai students, which I hold the sole right of choosing whom to teach and whom to decline.

Once more since I have the feeling people will not pay attention: This thread is for TAIJUTSU, KAITO'S TAIJUTSU, AND/OR KAGUYA MEMBERS. If you are not attempting to learn either of these, and wish to learn an element, this is NOT the right thread.

Training needed in:
Previous training in above mentioned area(s) up to what rank: