We know that the main reason that made Obito evil is the Death of Rin...

Because of the death of that girl Obito actions where:

- To kill his clan ( basically his family maybe even his real family )

- Trying to destory konoha and all the people that he helped during his time in Konoha (the old people etc)

Obito hurt alot of people but he could NOT KILL KAKASHI THAT LET RIN DIED OR KILLED RIN ! :shrug: WTF ?

My main point is that all of this happen because Obito lost the one that he loved Rin.... yet he KILLED other people who he LOVED and was proud of them.... like his clan... The Uchiha clan !

We know Sasuke that also walks this path.... Sasuke atleast whants revenge by KILLING the ones that are responsabile for the death of Itachi and the Uchiha Clan !

So do you like Obito being Tobi and this backstory that we have until now ?