The whole history of Obito was nice although the change of character/personality from Tobi to Obito was unnecessary. (Tobi = goofy carefree guy)

Its super obvious that he's being manipulated by Madara. Through his undying love for Rin, he's been convinced to hate everything that he once loved excluding Rin.
Its because of that hatred he's developed from being manipulated thats driving him to forget everything

Madara chain of manipulation:

Madara > Obito
Obito > Nagato
Obito > 4th Mizukage
Obito > Itachi

Just waiting on Obito to realize he's being Manipulated, once he clears his nostrils and smells the bullshit dripping from Madara's mouth
he'll do something noble to try and redeem himself which i think will be too late since he's caused over 40 000+ deaths lol