I want u all to read it full. I dont want to make it too long. Here r the reasons i put forwardthat the kakashi who killed rin was the real 1-
1 kakashi had asked obito if he was going to blame him fr rin's death, which means he was the real 1 there.

2 u must have noticed kakashi's eyes flashing with tears if u look carefully. If it was some1 else or zetsu clone, he would nt have done so.

3 u will nt notice kakashi's headband. Zetsu who cn make the most perfect transformations is nt likely to make such a mistake. He must have dropped it during the fight.

4 madara or zetsu isnt such a dumbhead to try to fool obito(nt also with a genjutsu) like this when then know of the possibility that obito might know it sooner or later that they had fooled him nd then leave them.

5 now the most imp. Point. C the chidori in kakashi's hand. Zetsu can copy a person nd his chakra bt nt his tec. Then he would have been the most powerful. While explaining how hw had fooled a nd b, zetsu had said that he had just made a handseal before his head was chopped nd that he could nt make that jutsu or intended to do so (bcuz he could nt do so)

what i thnk is that it was an accident or kakashi was manipulated by some1 like madara.

Any thoughts..........