REPOSTED due to thread not showing up yesterday!

I'm sick of people underestimating Ichiraku Ramen Guy!! it drives me nuts, people seem to forget what the guy's capable of and i'm here to show YOU factual evidence and proof with manga scans what the guy can do and why he is an a whole other level then Madara.

This is him for people who don't know:

''What are you talking about?? he's just a random character in the Naruto universe, he has no other purpose then serving ramen!!!''

That's what i thought...i was so foolish, but then after two years of research i found panels with this ''innocent random character'' in the most important events of the manga!!

For example here:

This clearly states that he was the one who had the plan of capturing the Kyuubi, WHO ELSE WOULD BE CAPABLE REALLY! it's so obvious, he gets so much intel about Naruto and co. while they are eating a bowl of ramen and say where they go and what their mission is.

Here is another panel i found and supports everything i said even more!

This is a picture of ichiraku ramen 20 years before the Kyuubi attack, for those who don't know he's in business for 43 years! this is enough time to get enough information on Kuzina's time of giving birth to Naruto since he's the central source of information in Konoha and he's the least suspicious one.

And finally the one that broke my bubble, went against everything i believed, crushed countless of minds....the picture of him....having the Rinnegan.

I mean people how were we so fooled by this?! all this time we ignored the fact that he survived all attacks on the Leaf Village without a SCRATCH even the Pain Invasion, everyone got killed except for him.

And if you still don't believe me he was the one behind all this and not Madara, then what do you have to say about these pictures:

If you look closely you see Ichiraku hidden in the crowd..

I couldn't believe that picture above, i thought it was faked or edited but then i saw this and i was sold...

I hope you guys learned from this, don't underestimate the original villain of the series...

Thanks for reading! i hope your eyes don't bleed to much! ILY ALL