could be.but how would orochimaru know who sasuke planned to meet???that would mean it is written on the scroll or sth....but then again it cant be because suigetsu asked sasuke who the human who knows everythiing is....why the hell would sasuke need a scroll when he could just walk himself to madara or why wouldnt sasuke just say:i am going to meet tobi,or madara as their names have been mentioned must be some new character or someone else IMO.Maybe the scroll possesses some S/T jutsu that rewinds time so team hawk could change the tide of history by changing sth in the past and therefore gain control of this war...(what suigetsu claimed)but sasuke probably thought that he would go back in time to some person that knows about everything..could be hashi....could be elder,younger son i dont˙s just what i thought of at first...peace!