The scroll must hold some kind of jutsu for it all to make any sence. Eventhough the way it was found seems much to coincidental to me. I still think it contains some way to edo somone who is trapped inside the belly of the death god. At the level madera is at right now im very much looking forward to whom Kishi is gonna bring back to fight him! I just hope it is all going towards a DBZish spirit bomb moment!... And then there is the question of Zetsu... The must be a reason why his true nature and origins are kept so much in the dark! Where did black zetsu come from?... Finally i have been thinking about the possibility that ancient madara could still be alive somewhere! Or his body at least! Maybe this the connection to Orochimaru we have been wating for. He might have helped Madera escape his old body via somthing reltated to the imortality justsu!