I found that adult Obito appears to be really really manipulative individual like really really manipulative, Obito appears to be the master of manipulating people even people who are stronger than him. Obito appeared to have Nagato, Itachi, and Sasuke on a leash (No insult intended on Nagato, Itachi, Sasuke fans ) Anyway how did he did Obito start out from being manipulated to the one being manipulated..... he actually appears to be being manipulated by Madara as I believe he is preying on Obito's emotions, Obito does the same thing with Nagato and Sasuke by using their emotions against them i.e World peace, pact not to destroy Konoha, going to help him get revenge on Konoha for making older brother kill clan. Yet Obito was manipulated by Madara the same way.... How does one go from being manipulated to manipulating?