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The simple answer is its unknown and if anything because sasuke will NOT die before he fights naruto he has plot no jutsu on his side, lets be real here . However even though a sasuke fan im extremely tied in what i can say in his favour. Reason for people going for kabuto without hesitating is because sasuke performed poorly in that fight. However sasuke's fighting style has NEVER been fighting to capture and the manga shouldve made that clear. During his mission with itachi i believe the mission was to capture the pig and sasuke accidentally killed it. Similarly he wasnt too convincing against kill bee and in the end used amaterasu, a technique that shouldnt be used if you plan on capturing your opponent. To put it simple sasuke isnt disciplined in that art and that is why he didnt look convincing. However id agree that kabuto would still be favourite however this isnt always true.

Sasuke has amaterasu a technique that will come to his aid if needed. We saw that kabuto retreated when sasuke used amaterasu and molded it into enton kagutsuchi to protect himself and itachi and kabuto commented not only on amaterasu's offensive capabilities but also its defensive capabilities. Now kabuto has shown his sensoring skills but also ability to shed his skin. However if sasuke was to spam/control and make amaterasu spread throughout the whole cave with amaterasu kabuto would surely be troubled. Firstly sasuke gains the advantage because its his technique and its him who is in control of it, he has turned the environment into his advantage. Secondly muki tensei that was nullified by amaterasu's heat which again would go against kabuto.

Finally ill let you in on a secret about sound based genjutsu. Majority believe its unavoidable because its sound based, however the manga disagrees. Sound based genjutsu travel through the air. If the ninja can potentially disrupt the air around them they could potentially nullify this technique because they are basically disrupting what is carrying the genjutsu from the user to the opponent, air. Temari showed us an example of this when she countered tayuya's Mateki Mugen Onsa with her fan,

As shikamaru said "That thing can deflect the sound of the flute......"
Just as I said at the beginning of this thread we can't say for sure

Okay now, but arguing for Kabuto,

Sage mode increases all jutsu as we know, he becomes faster stronger, better at genjutsu, and ninjutsu, Kabuto has new sage jutsu which are always powerful attacks

Snake eyelids can block any genjutsu,

Can try to avoid amaterasu using cave altering chakra techniques, plus if hit I don't see why he couldn't shed... old skin burns, new kabuto is unscathed...

I understand that Sasuke was holding back, I am not denying that, but for the most part Kabuto was going for itachi... plus itachi was pretty much the only one that landed good blows on kabuto