I was just watching the episode of the fight between 6 paths of pain and Jiraya. If one would watch it, even a strong person would feel pity for Jiraya. At last they crushed his throat and stabbed him to death. I mean he was in unknown territory fighting and unknown and undeniably high Kage level and mysterious ninja. Even pain said that Jiray had high possibility of winning if he knew about his abilities. It then struck my mind that Jiraya had grown old, maybe because of this he may not be as stong as before. I mean Orochimaru never gets old and that's why he is the same. Maybe because of age difference it ris not right to say that Orochimaru> Jiraya.

Another thing i thought was that could Minato defeat 6 paths of pain. I mean he could dodge all of their physical attacks and pretty must teleport himself at the time of Pain's most devastating attacks. He is tactically better than Pain.

I just felt to express my feellings. What do u fellas think?