First off I must say what the hell was that fan thinking? You can see that he provoked Punk and I must say this fan is glad it wasn't Brock.

Now there are some members of the IWC who are saying this was a work, my input is that it isn't but if it was good job creative.

Since I believe this isn't a work I'm going to say for a fact that deserves to be fined and all the money goes to the fan, Punk may even be facing suspension which of he does the just daggers WWE's plans even more.

Another thing I must say about most of the IWC most of these guys are saying the fan deserved it, while I believe the fan was wrong Punk was wrong also. I mean look at this if it was Cena most of the IWC would want Cenas head on a silver platter. Either way this kind of thing isn't good for WWE, hoping this doesn't become to bad.