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    The Milits Chapter 23

    The Milits

    -I recommend you read the previous chapters before this one!-

    <--- Chapter 22.................................................. .................................................. ...................... Chapter 24 --->

    Chapter 23 - "No Control"

    Alice: N-No, I’ll protect you…

    Both Mia and the Sand Cowboys look surprised at Alice who is now slowly getting surrounded by a small amount of fire.

    Alice: … I won’t let them hurt you!

    Both the Sand cowboys Katherine and Matt jump back in shock when they see a bigger amount of fire cover her hands.

    Mia: (F-fire…)

    Katherine: She’s a Milit as well!?

    Alice points her hands in the direction of Katherine, and shoots glowing red fire out of them towards her. Katherine quickly uses her hands as reflex to cover her head; protecting herself from the fire.

    Katherine: Shit!

    The fire suddenly stops right in front of her, and slowly disappears after several seconds. All of them stare confused in the air; not knowing what happened.

    Mia: W-what happened..?

    Alice looks at her hands as if this isn’t the first time happening to her.

    Alice: N-no… I still can’t…

    A smile shows up on Katherine’s face; relieved and confident again. She holds both her big knives tighter, and walks towards Alice and Mia again.

    Katherine: Heh, seems like you still don’t have control of your milit power!

    -The scene switches to Luke-

    Luke: …Finished yet?

    Several bullets are on the ground after being fired by both Luke and The Sand Cowboy member Kace.

    Kace: Dammit!

    He throws his big rifle on the ground in anger and frustration, and looks at Luke with the same feelings. Veins and redness is slowly filling up in his face when he stares at the emotionless Luke.

    Kace: Why can’t I hit you!? Why!!?

    Luke reloads his two revolvers again before he answers Kace’s desperate questions.

    Luke: We’re on different levels… You have no chance of beating me-

    Kace: SHUT UP!!!

    He takes up a shotgun as big as his rifle, and starts shooting it several times; screaming while doing it. Several bullets are shot towards Luke, and he has now choice than to dodge them; hiding behind some barrels.

    Luke: (… I could use the simple “throw up a gun and shoot its trigger” tactic, but I don’t think it would work in this situation…)

    Bullets flies through the barrels he is hiding behind; almost hitting him more than once.

    Luke: (Well, I can use “that” other tactic… Not simple, but worth a try.)

    -The scene switches to Skylar-

    Sand suddenly hits him in the stomach; sending him flying into the wall. He manages to stand on his feet, and prepares to attack ones again.

    Slate: Nothing you can’t handle? Talking big is certainly something you can…

    He covers his fists in electricity, and jumps ones more towards Slate in high speed.

    Slate: Is jumping towards me; hitting me with electricity covered fists all you can do?

    A ball made of sand is suddenly formed by Slate, and is slowly circling him; ready to be sent flying towards Skylar. The sand ball seems as hard as stone, and is rotating as a planet.

    Skylar: …What about this!?

    He punches in the empty air with his lightning fist, making a shockwave which is quickly sent flying towards the sand milit. The shockwave makes a buzzing sound, and is sparking with lightning. It hits Slate and makes him scream in pain; destroying the sand ball in the process.

    Slate manages to stand on his feet with a small burning mark on his open white shirt, and smoke coming up from his short hair after the shockwave.

    Skylar: Wow… That actually went better than I thought…

    -End of Chapter-

    Thanks if you read, voted or replied
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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    Amazing Chapter Skylar

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    Great chapter! :D

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    You gave us a new chapter even thought you were travelling :overjoy:
    Great chapter

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    eh!!! this is really good!
    i really like luke! :ice:
    cool under fire :p

    oh, im sure alice is gonna surprise us in the upcoming chapter
    thanks for the awesome chapter sky :D
    and to borrow skylar 's line, "this FF is actually better than i thought"

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    Luke: We’re on different levels… You have no chance of beating me- Luke = Boss

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    Re: The Milits Chapter 23

    awesome as always skylar!

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