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    Re: Sakura is now really close to surpassing Tsunade.

    Quote Originally Posted by HarukaHatake View Post
    Sorry, Sakura is just on the same level as the other Kunoichi. Now before you trash me, read : She won' be able to beat Temari, Temari will just blow her away with her wind. You Sakura fans can't say that Sakura can beat Hinata easily, it's gonna depend on who hit first. Tenten Vs. Sakura, i could say both have a fair chance of winning. Ino Vs. Sakura, either could win, Ino has improved her mind techniques and taijutsu, and inner Sakura hasn't shown since her childhood days, Sakura has improved greatly in taijutsu.

    VERY TRUE. Sakura cannot surpass Tsunade. Tsunade has proven to be stronger than most people even without her enhanced strength, on the other hand, Sakura isn't. Tsunade has a summoning, Sakura doesn't have any. Tsunade has kick-ass genjutsu, Sakura doesn't (might not ever). Sakura doesn't have as much durability as Tsunade has, because she doesn't have Senju or Uzumaki blood. In short, although Sakura is fairly strong already, Sakura will never surpass Tsunade, in skills and bust size )

    Eeeeeeexcuse me?
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