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    What The Hell Sakura

    As I was responding to an earlier thread of Sakura VS Tenten, I ended up wondering what the hell happened to Sakura. Now I've never really been a fan of Sakura especially in part one because all she did was cry and fawn over Sasuke. In part 2 she began to change my opinion of her when she demonstrated her med ninja skills countering Sasori's deadly poison and the battle against The 3rd Kazekage puppet with minimal help from Elder Chyo. After that? What the hell happened?

    She got all whiney and sobby all over again. Did she not train under a Sannin? Why did Kishi decide not to make her progress any further? Had she maybe found the Slug Mountain she could have been a Sage herself could she not? Why was she not trained in Tsunade's regenerating seal techs? She should have been fighting Kabuto and not the Uchiha brothers.

    I had such high hopes for her too, now Scattered to the winds by plot no justsu.......

    ......LAME Kishi....just....LAME!
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