Hi, new to narutobase. Here's my prediction. Before you come at me, this prediction is following the theory that Rin was an agent for Kirigakure. Enjoy!
-skips back a bit-
Rin: I'm sorry.. kakashi..
Kakashi:You... were working for them? Why didnt you tell us? We wanted to protect you!
Rin: Forgive me.. I didnt want to work for them..
FodderMist:Quit talking. Let's kill them.
Kakashi:No.. Kill me. Let her live.
Foddermist 2: -smirks- How about this... Kill the girl.
-kakashis eyes widens-
Rin:Do it kakashi.. I wanna... see.. obito..
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-it skips back to Kakashi's raikiri through rin-
-obito gasps and slowly sees kakashi escaping-
Obito: Ka... -third tomoe forms in both of their eyes- KAKASHI!!!!! I'll never.. forgive this... From either of you?!?!?!
Spiral Zetsu:Jeez.. you're going crazy obito..
Obitobito.. that name.. means nothing anymore. -kamui appears- I am.. Tobi.
-it skips ahead-
Spiral Zetsu: Obito is going to help you! he wants revenge! he knows what you were talkin about now!
-madara smirks-
Madara: Perfect.