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    Rin Okumura 2.5

    I Will Kick Satan's Ass!.

    Basic Information
    Name: Rin Inuzuka
    Nickname: Salamander
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Clan: Inuzuka

    His Info

    Rin is an averaged size teen with black hair with a slight blue hue to it. He has light blue eyes, pointy ears similar to that of an elf. And he bears sharp fang like teeth just like his ninken Kuro.
    Rin usually wears black tight fitting jeans with 2 chains around his pockets. He carries a thin katana on his back. He is usually seen carrying Kuro on his back. Kuro is a tiny ninken with black fur and green eyes it very much looks like a cat but is 100% dog. When kuro gets angry his eyes change colors.


    Rin has a protective and supportive personality. Rin can be very violent and get into fights often. but really has a kind heart. He supports his friends and tries to encourage and help them. Rin is very stubborn and immature he hates to lose. But in defeat will be the first to except it. He is confident in his abilities and determined to succeed in all of his goals.

    I Will Become The Raikage!

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth: Konohagakure
    Village of Alliance: Kumogakure

    Rank//Chakra Info.

    Ninja Rank: Sannin
    Specialty: Inuzuka techs
    Elements: mastered, up to C rank, up to B rank, up to C rank Up to C rank
    Your ninjutsu:

    Inuzuka Techniques mastered
    Taijutsu- Basics
    Ninjutsu- d rank
    '‡‡‡‡The World of Gehenna‡‡‡‡'

    His History
    Background Info.

    Growing up as a child Rin had behavior problems. Wheter it be at home or at the academy. Almost everyday Rin got into a fight or some trouble. Due to his bad behavior many of the villagers and other children shunned him. The only people that excepted him were his fellow clan members. As an Inuzuka clan member he was partnered with a ninken. His ninken Kuro was given to him after his father passed away. So Kuro was automatically loyal and friendly with Rin.As the years passed Rin trained hard in Inuzuka techniques with village elders Nemo. And even harder in his basic elements. Training with Roku in wind, lightning with shigure, Fire with McRazor and a good friend Erzo in water. At the age of 16 Rin could no longer handle being seen as an outcast so he left his family and clan in the hidden leaf, for Kumogakure. Upon his arrival in in the lightning village. He was accepted by new friends and old friends that joined around the same time as he did. Rin is now usual seen lying low and training until the day he gets strong enough to compete in tournaments and other stuff.

    Kuro and Rin^

    Satan Saga
    But being a shinobi Rin life was not bound to go by with ease. A few months into his stay in kumo an ally left the village. The ally's name was Gaara. Gaara left the village when everyone least expected. Being one of the few villagers awake at the time Rin noticed Gaara leaving the village. But as Rin wasn't strong enough to fight him he ignored it and let the other villagers handle it. Gaara had left Kumo and ran off to the outskirts of Sunagakure. A few weeks of training and a s*** storm Rin felt he was strong enough to fight and defeat Gaara. So he went out to find the sand devil. Rin finnally encountered Gaara and they fought.
    I'm here to kill you
    Rin put up a good battle at first until he was overwhelmed by Gaara's endless sand jutsus.

    You aren't ready yet
    Injured from the Sand Burial Rin vowed to kill Gaara.

    Satan Saga Part 1
    To be continued.....

    A friendly Rivalry

    After the crushing defeat to Gaara Rin returned home to Kumo where he instantly begin to start training. While training one day a good friend of his appeared and challenged him to a friendly spar. Being overly confident Rin accpeted the challenge not knowing his opponents full potential.
    Let's go Kuro
    Rin right off the back transformed into a giant two headed wlf attempting to frighten his rival.
    ewww! why transform into something so ugly?
    I'm still smexier then you
    Kaminari wasn't scared in the slightest bit possible. Having no fear he countered with little chakra.
    But Rin wasn't ready to give up just yet. Going back on the offensive with 3 strong jutsus. After doing these jutsus Rin was at his limits and was exhausted. Noticing Rin being exhausted Kaminari quickly countered with his deadly lightning jutsus. But as a last resort Rin fled the battle field dropping multiple smoke bombs and running away. But before leaveing he left Kaminari with these words
    I guess i wasn't ready yet
    The Friendly Rivalry Part 1

    3 weeks has passed and Rin still had the bitter taste of defeat in his mouth so he challenged Kaminari this time to a taijutsu and clan technique battle. It was Hyuga vs Inuzuka.
    Let's do this Kuro
    Without any words Kaminari went on the offensive. But Rin being a bit stronger countered with ease.
    Rematch Time!
    Rin using one of his special inuzuka techs he went on the offensive attacking Kaminari. But being a Hyuga clan member he used there favorite move.
    (Hakkeshou Kuuten) - 8 Trigrams Heavenly Sky
    Rank: C
    Type: Attack/Defence
    Range: Close
    Chakra Cost: 15
    Damage Points: 30
    Description: A rotation were the user makes his/her chakra into razor sharp lines and spins to attack and defend all in one move.

    OO4I-k3mYFfzQOXQw/render_rin.png" align="Left">[
    Deflecting Rin's shove and sending him back.
    Damn Hyuuga!
    That being said he jumped right back into the fight.
    I hope this isn't you being serious
    Smirking he countered Rin's attack again
    All or Nothing, that's my ninja way. I will defeat you!
    Kaminari ignores Rin's comments and counters with a few strikes. But Rin remebering the last time he fought he recalls Kaminari having a hard time with his special jutsu. Then just like that Rin and Kuro transformed into a two headed wolf yet again. And charge at Kaminari. Without hesitation Kaminari strikes Rin and Kuro in the chest sending them back flying.

    Even with your power multiplied you are still no match for me.
    Bursting back from the attack Rin has lost to Kaminari yet again...
    I got you next time, I swear it
    After saying this Rin passes out.

    A Friendly Rivalry Part2
    To be Continued.....

    Shadows of Kumogakure

    Sitting around had been getting boring for Rin so he thought it'd be fun to spar with his great friend and fellow clan member Ryu.
    Ryu and Rin fought intensly. The two being evenly matched left the spar as a draw.

    Shadows of Kumogakure Part 1
    To Be Continued....



    Satan's Flames need to be learned

    Theme Song and Background Music:


    Won: Winning?:sy:
    Lost: Good Question


    Permission from Jacob here
    Update of Rin Okumura

    Gaara= Satan

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