I like the trip down memory lane but it seems with every answer we get it only leaves more questions. Kishi, can you please just give it to us straight. There should be no doubt that Kakashi would not kill Rin unless he absolutely had to, looking forward to the explanation of why. As far as passing out it has to be because its his first time using MS and we know it can take a toll on him. My problem is with obito's use of MS and Wood style. Sure he gets strength from Zetsu but for a guy who unlocked his sharingan moments before he died he handled MS too well. I mean its not like he was a genius, i might be wrong but even Sasuke had trouble with his MS the first time and he's labeled as a genius. So its a bit wierd that clumsy Obito, who really hasn't had any training besides by himself (remember he trained alone to surpass Kakashi to no avail). Itachi now i could believe because he was naturally talented and pretty good with his sharingan. On top of that he had no problems with wood style which was also his first attempt. Now sure he had Zetsu but even Zetsu was surprised. He was up against "Blood" mist Ninja and quite a lot of them so a little difficulty taking them out with new powers should have been present. Don't get me started with just how Madara saw potential in a half dead kid but thats for later, for now its Obito advancing way too fast. Hoping the next chapter answers this. Oh, why would he leave Kakashi alive? Maybe to beat him in a fair fight but if Rin was his motivation shouldnt he have gone after him much earlier? Questions questions questions.