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    Re: Naruto Manga Chapter 605 Discussion and 606 Predictions

    Crazy ass blood drippin spiral mokuton of flippin doom!!!!

    Wow, and the story gets stranger, and yet makes slightly more sense.

    Kishi must have been planning this since the first time we see Kakashi use MS and offers no explaination as to how he got it when at the time we were all told it took the death/killing a close person to you. I agree with redcloud that he probably didn't realize he could use MS for a while, kinda like how Sasuke got his 2T sharingan the night Itachi killed the clan but didnt know it.

    Now i'm wondering why Obito didn't kill Kakashi while he's passed out on the ground in front of him. Or why he didn't take them back to the leaf. I bet the spiral zetsu body probably wouldn't go along with that anyways.

    Very curious as to why zetsu says "Now I see why Madara chose you"

    Also very curious why them Mist Ninja want her body. If she was the 3 tails jinchuriki then the beast would have died with her and her body would have no value to them.

    I, for one, am glad Kishi is sticking to his guns and getting the full story out to us before switching to Sasuke/Kage/Madara/Etc
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