That is right.
The juubi is trying to revive itself.

We know, that zetsu is created with the gedo mazo and that the gedo mazo is actually alive.
It is not just a dead statue.

Madara is plugged to the mazo and is unconsciously, following the juubi his orders.
Nagato got plugged to the mazo (the rods) and the juubi got control over him as well.
Obito is using a zetsu body implant, created with the mazo, unlocked ms on top, the juubi took control over him.
The ones that are controlled by juubi, all have the eyes + a connection to the mazo by some means
(zetsu implant and/or being plugged to the mazo).

They are not following their own goals, they are puppets of the juubi.
The more negative emotions they feel, they more they search for power, the more they lose control over themselfs, leading them down a path of darkness.
Jincs were shown to lose control over their bijou as well, when negative emotions peeked to high.
The juubi his control is especially strong, during a full moon.

The younger son of the sage his ways, is the way for true peace. Because humans would come to an understanding with their bijou. They would reach a friendship, like bee and naruto have, with Gyuki and Kurama. Eventually this could be possible with the juubi, if all befriended bijou become one.
Love will prevent getting taken over.

The elder son of the sage his ways, are not about reaching that friendship. His are a search for power and control over the bijou is forced, it is not gained through friendship. Eventually this could turn into the juubi getting revived as being full of hatred.