The attacked on konoha was obito's personal ravange against Minato, for not been there for Rin, lets get serius if minato appear in the battlefield for 5 seconds.

Bloody myst nin: Mother of god! is minato!! Run for your life..

None of that would had happened, kakashi alive, Rin alive and obito returning to konoha..

then minato can teleport back to whatever he was doing, and end of the story, none bloody ninja would have dare, they would have been more worry for their lifes than getting rin.

But since that dint happened, obito went after Minato.

Stil lame dude obito, his ravange is for a girl that barely was on his team and liked someone else, and never put her eyes on him..
Obito is more like an Obessed guy over a dead body.