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    Kakashi and Obito have some explaining to do

    I have, as many of you, loads of questions about the recent events in the manga, the main ones that have left me utterly confused are:

    1. If Obito could see through Kakashi's eye, couldn't Kakashi see through Obito's? If so, surely he must of known Tobi's identity from the get go.
    2. If the bloody mist was an era started by the fourth mizukage who was being controlled 'Madara' (Tobi) (Obito) (I don't know) then why did the ninjas in 605 refer to their village as the 'bloody mist'?
    If you look at the shape of the eye it looks like the right eye and Obito had a sharingan in his right eye but wasn't evil prior to this so it couldn't be him if that makes sense. So it must of been Madara as in Madara but Madara had a sharingan in his left eye... (confused).
    3. If Kakashi unlocked MS prior to the start of the series then why did he have no recollection of it up until Part 2.

    If you could help me answer any of these questions you would sure help me out!
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