More than half of the Base today seems really confused about the chapter, and I'm not sure why.

What happened? : Kakashi and Obito unlocked the 3T Sharingan and the Mangekyou at the same time. Clearly because the eyes are connected still (as was evident when Obito could still see through it.) This seems like the biggest source of confusion. Kakashi passed out as well, probably from exhaustion from either his Sharingan going under such an erratic change (we recall in Part 1 when he was basically incapable of moving after just having the Sharingan unlocked in his fight with Zabuza) or from shock of killing Rin. Then Obito got mad and trees started being aborted from his arm.

Now I've seen plenty of people saying "But the Sharingan can't do that, Kishi trolled us blah blah blah I know more than the creator!" To which I say. . .it can, Kishi said so.

For more on this weeks revelations stay tuned to "EVERYTHING EXPLAINED!" for the next week. Sayonara!