I know your all probably either like so what or some of you are going to be like hell no but judging by the ever increasing powers of both Naruto and Sasuke, its actually safe to say that in very little time, they are bound to surpass Hashi and Madara and they will do this just in time for the final battle between the two. I believe that Kishi is setting it up to be like this by foreshadowing another power up for Naruto (the other beasts gave him their power so another true power up is right around the corner. In fact, we havent even seen the full potential of this version of naruto anyway simply because all we are seeing is his clones do battle. Seriously, he beat kages and fought the most powerful villains (madara and obito) with a clone. Not to mention, his clone did better against Madara then some of the Kages did.... For example he destroyed Madaras entire forest with a clone and nearly landed a hit on madara before Madara pulled out his Rinnegan. On the other hand, Sasuke is seeing the human who knows "All". This will be the biggest powerup Sasuke will ever have because if you are seeing a person knowledgable enough to be "all knowing" then he will obviously pass down to you knowledge of ancient jutsu or tell you how to acquire more power or even give you more power.

Hashirama and Madara created the valley of the end. Sasuke and Naruto will create the "country of the end" lmao. Ok maybe thats a bit too much but they will probably create something big enough to make the valley of the end look like a kiddy pool!

Your thoughsts?