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    Naruto Investors and reasoning for current plot developments (don't hate Kishi)

    WARNING: WALL OF TEXT AHEAD, I've tried to break it into parts so its more readable.

    There has been a lot of talk and a lot of threads about how Kishi has no idea what hes doing, hes high, he sucks, he changed his mind, hes trolling us etc. And I'm sure many of you are sick of it. As am I. But being a business man myself I can support Kishi a lot in what hes doing. And I think hes a brilliant story teller.

    I'm positive that the Shippuden story line was laid out in it's entirety before they launched the series. Meaning everything was planned out from the start. Yes, Obito and his grudge, kakashi and his ms, the Sage of six paths, Zetsu, Madara and so forth. Most of the time that's the way business works. You present what you want to do to the company or investors that want to back you financially. Given the HUGE success of the original series there is a lot of planning that goes into a sequel. There is just no way companies or investors would go to production without knowing what product they are delivering.

    Now does this mean that Shippuden was planned out during the original canon series? Possibly, I'm sure Kishi intended some parts to be explained later, but in my opinion the majority of the plot was developed just before the 3 year jump. There were A LOT of loose ends and plot holes that were never fully explained back then and the shippuden series was intended to bring closure to the story. Does this mean Kishi changed his mind on details of the plot? no, but since he never fully explained things in the first series he left himself a lot of room to elaborate. And that pissed everyone off :D

    Looking back at the series knowing what we do now, It is blatantly obvious to see the careful planning that went into the plot. Everything from character development to inspirations from Japanese / Chinese history and culture. Think of the Naruto Manga as a movie or TV show that reveals the climax of the film at the start of the show. Then says, "20 years later/earlier". Then you spend the rest of the time watching how that event ties into everything. At the end getting to see it again, but this time you have that "AHA!" moment. (like was shown in fight club) It was absolutely no mistake that Kakashi Gaiden was shown as a prequel to the start of the series that ultimately focused on Obito as the unsuspecting antagonist and Naruto's development as the ultimate protagonist. Now we are seeing it again at the climax of the series. It was also no mistake that very soon into the series we started seeing details on the Uchiha and their background including Kakashi's MS. But it wasn't until much later in the series that we got to see the who, what, when, where, why and how.

    I think the reason why you are all so frustrated is because of the length of the series. Normally in a movie you get to see who, what, when, where, why, and how an hour and a half later. In this series you get to see it literally up to 5 years later. During that time we are bombarded with forshadowing of things to come which leaves a lot of room and time for speculation and assumptions. Because of this we make our own conclusions. We debate them so fervently that when the truth is revealed we are dissapointed because it "wasn't good enough" or "didn't live up to my expectations for kishi's writing".

    So why is shippuden different from the original series? Why am I not satisfied like I was before? Although I'm writing to you from a new account I have been a member of this fansite since the beginning. And honestly nothing has changed. Back then people argued and were dissapointed JUST AS MUCH as they are now. However the story progressed enough to the point where we all had that "AHA!" moment and we fell in love with the series all over again. I promise you, Kishi didn't forget, it is coming again. Enjoy it when it happens!

    If you've got this far I appreciate you for reading my wall of text. I'd love to hear your opinions below but please try to keep your comments related to the information I've posted. No chapter discussions please

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