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    Shippuden is a disgrace to naruto (long read)

    This isn't a troll thread, i'll be giving clear examples as to why it ruins the naruto name. Sorry for any typos im on a phone.

    1:The original series was about ninjas. Stealth, tactics, sneaking up on enemies. Shippuden fight scenarios go like this. "character approaches enemy, uses jutsu in front of enemy, disregards anything with tactics, uses same jutsu over again until fight ends". This is how a fight in the original series went down. "character thinks of plan, character attemps to ambush, ambush fails, mixes taijutsu with some ninjutsu attacks, thinks of another plan, repeat. Now shippuden dis start like that "ie naruto and sakura vs kakashi, deidara vs gaara, sasori vs sakura and chiyo" but as the series progressed we get fights like team gai vs clones, naruto vs orochimaru, team kakashi vs sasuke (first time at the hideout), and naruto vs kyuubi. Those were all straight up lets fight without strategy. They're more fights like that where they don't implament strategy or stealth. Kakashi said when naruto appeared on the bridge to help sasuke fight haku that a ninja never uses their jutsu in front of the enemy and does anyone remember the code sentence from the forest of death team 7 used? Shippuden fights consist of nothing ninja related in regards to the first series which made use of it heavily.

    2:Consistency is another issue. Its great that stories evolve but disregarding everything you write is just ridiculous. Ages don't add up with whats been happening with the manga. AO stated that yagura was under a genjutsu and thats why the bloody mist happened. Thats inheritantly not true as in 605 the ninja say they're from the bloody mist. We know obito was the one who controlled her so that doesn't add up. Kishi is always changing the strongest hokage like it was the third then fourth and now first. The timeline doesn't add up with the databooks which kishi wrote might I add.

    3 the story doesnt have a ninja like feel. It usually makes me think i'm watching dbz or reading dbz. The key elements that make up a ninja are gone. Its not about strategy its abOut whoever has senju dna, sharingan, rinnegan, or who is a perfect jinchurriki. Remember when team 11 wasn't behind naruto in terms of power. For the majority of the series it was like that. Now they're weak and raditz. All jokes aside in shippuden team 11 character development was disregarded and only naruto, choji, and sasuke got powerful. Sakura kinda did but she lost her resolve somewhere. Another thing that irks me is how the five kage were stated to be powerful and in previous fight it was amazing seeing them wreck faces but against madara raikage wasn't too helpful and mei was good in the beginning but kishi forgot about those two and focused on onoki and tsunade. It seems silly to make someone appear so powerful yet make them look like fodder against the most powerful character. I'll finish with my next point.

    4: kishi rushed through the end of shippuden. No kakashi 1000 jutsus, no end to the kages fight, no word from team 11 (which im just gonna start calling them team raditz). I mean naruto didn't feel rushed but shippuden towards the end was rushed. Major fights were left out.

    Note this is just my opinion. I do love this series and support kishi by buying his manga, but to me shippuden just doesn't seem like a good successor to the naruto name. Its plagued by inconsistency, ninja elements are not as heavily there, and it feels rushed.
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