someone from konoha 11 whether it's choji,kiba,tenten,shikamaru,sakura,neji,lee,sai,hi nata,ino or shino or even fodder ninja destroyed the gedo mazo before it completes it's transformation into the jubi cause if you ask me when i thought about it and imagined how it could happeen it made me laugh so hard i peed my pants. just imagine whilst the gedo mazo is shouting/howling/growling or screaming it sounds like it called choji fat or sumo or whatever and choji gets angry,gets big and sprouts cute butterfly wings and smashes it to pieces in a fit of rage or imagine if a nameless fodder ninja who no one has seen before or heard of thinks the gedo mazo is suffering or whatever and he/she does some awesome tec that actually puts the gedo mazo out of it's misery.

LOL if you want but if you don't then don't.