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    Both Madara & Zetsu May Have Orchestrated Rin's Death In Order To Awaken Obito's MS

    Before I touch on this subject, don't any of you find it strange how Zetsu had already known of Obito's friends (Kakashi & Rin), but yet when Obito asked him of Minato he didn't even know who the heck he was { }. This is a kid who was unconscious for god knows how long and had suddenly awakened into a hideout cave without mentioning any description of his friends or having any sharingan to sharingan information extracted. Quite odd if you ask me!

    But anyways, I was just thinking to myself, what if Madara knew of Obito's hidden potential (Converting to Space-time) all along hence manipulating Rin's death through some coverted operation in order to activate Obito's MS. That may explain why he told Obito before he left outside that he will return back to his hideout despite the fact that Obito currently has no intentions of going back there. Its because Madara was keeping an eye on him even before they had met and moreover, had secretly plotted the death of Rin.

    He knew Obito had an affection for Rin and that her death would activate his MS! If it was Kakashi who had died instead, Obito's sharingan would remain unchanged, therefore making his eyes useless for the battle of obtaining beasts.

    Also notice that the Hidden Mist ninja is referring to his village as "the bloody mist" { }. So this confirms that the Old Bloody Mist graduation of killing their whole classmates was not created by Obito during the time he controlled the 3rd Mizukage. It was either Madara who created this graduation or the previous Mizukage (I don't believe the 2nd Mizukage did either because he seemed to have a liking for his village and moreover look at him, hes a entertainer ). If it is of Madara's action, then its a given that he still has some means of manipulating the Mist even at his senile age. He had done something for those Mist ninjas to harm Kakashi and Rin. I believe their Mizukage was the 3rd during that time of event. Maybe the real Madara was the one who was controlling the 3rd Mizukage and right before he died, he had passed down his manipulated subject to Obito, his successor to his Moon's Eye plan.

    So what you think guys? I would love to say that he used Shisui's eyes but that clearly wouldn't make sense since Shisui was alive and well during that time. Could be some sort of occular jutsu in which he can control multiple shinobi's from long distances including Rin. But whatever the situation is, im pretty sure that Rin was under some sort of evil influence and possibly not Kakashi.


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