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    Re: Kakashi DID know he had MS

    Quote Originally Posted by Namikaze Haru View Post
    ok i see wat your saying but u seem to think that im saying they knew about about their abilities and DID not use them, i said they COULD not use them and i have even stated the reasons why they could not and backed it up. ive stopped arguing with mischeif as he seems to have no sense. now let me summarise it for u wat i said.


    Kakashi awakened the MS same time as obito and he then faints from the strain. if u remember adult kakashi at the start of the series used to feel extreme strain from using the STANDARD sharingan so there was no way he could use his MS, he did not have the chakra. he faced itachi and after being beat he realises to faces stronger enemies he would need the power of the MS. that why kishi improved his chakra. kakashi's chakra has impoved since the start of shippuden. that why vs itachi he says he is now prepared and makes reference to the MS by saying "Itachi how far has your eyesight deteriorated"

    so wat i am saying is that kakashi's chakra levels stopped him being able to MS at the time, so where is the proof that he 'forgets'.


    we have all seen that sasuke tends to gets stronger whenever he has strong emotions. he awakened the sharingan in his youth vs itachi when he was around 6-8. now u say if he did not forget then why didn't he use it? what for? after the uchiha massacre, the next serious situation he was in was vs haku, inbetween the uchiha massacre and the fight vs haku, sasuke was in the academy then becomes a genin. he was never is a situation where he needed to use his sharingan. however he was in a tight spot vs haku which is why he says he needs to concentrate. so he can use his sharingan as the last time he used he it was around 5+ years ago
    Before I start, just to clear things up, are you trying to say that Kakashi and Sasuke knew they had it but couldn't use them?

    Assuming that's what you're saying, I disagree completely.

    If Kakashi knew he had the potential to use MS, then he would have began training his chakra levels immediately. Why would Kakashi throw his MS in the shelf and wait to train his body to use it until he got beaten half to death? Someone of Kakashi's caliber would make use of any advantages that he has. He would have utilized his MS if he knew he had it. This is where my argument comes in. Just because we, the viewers, saw Kakashi unlocking his MS doesn't mean he himself realized it. It's completely possible for him to have not realized it because he fainted, literally, moments later. If you were drained of energy and was about to pass out I doubt you'd remember everything that happened moments before.

    For Sasuke, if he knew he had the Sharingan then he would have trained himself to master it. Why, you say? Because he still had a goal: To become stronger than Itachi. Ever since the Uchiha Massacre he made it his life's mission to gain strength in any way possible. He wouldn't knowingly let such a powerful tool like the Sharingan go to waste. Again, if he knew he had it, then he would have trained himself to master it. Just like Kakashi, Sasuke fainted moments after unlocking his Sharingan. It's entirely possible that he just did not know he had it.
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