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    Those Black Poles in Obito.

    So, apparently during the new chapter this week there were a lot of questions to be answered. And if you want to make a thread on some of those, be my guest. But what caught my attention was that when Obito had completely lost control and had activated his MS, he developed zetsu spikes and Black poles.

    now i believe that we've seen these before in the nagato vs hanzo fight when he summoned the gedo mazo.

    we also saw them in the killerbee vs tobi fight.

    What I'm thinking is that, they are some type of rinnengan summoning because nagato, and rinnegan tobi were able to use these stakes. When I saw them in obito, during the new chapter, It almost looked as if obito was pausing to realize what he was doing was wrong during the manslaughter. It almost looked like he was being controlled, by madara, because he faded out at the end and didn't realize where he was. He also suddenly gained the ability to use wood style to a higher level. before he left the cave, he couldn't even break the rock in front of him. what do you think of my first theory?
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