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So far you've presented nothing of substance apart from the usual evolutionary brush offs. I can ditto the above for your own beliefs. Same old arguments in favor of evolution. All of which have been debunked. Nothing new. Ever. And your arguments are applied to your beliefs, too, because what you believe is a BELIEF and nothing more.

Give me one shred of factual, testable, repeatable evidence for how particles popped into existence, and then turned into plants, pandas, and people, all on their own. You see, even thinking people need to believe something about origins, so they have chosen this particular myth, which has no basis in reality.

The desperate attempts to "prove" the myth, like appealing to antibiotic resistance in bacteria (another falsified tenet of evolution) are pathetic at best. Here's the typical philosophical leap the evolutionist takes: "Bacteria develop antibiotic resistance. That PROVES that bacteria turned into Bob and Barbara over millions of years!" Oh boy!
Antibiotic resistance does not demonstrate evolution for the following reasons: First, it arises in genetic material that is ALREADY present. I can't say that enough, but evolutionists just don't seem to get it. Second, when an antibiotic is introduced, bacteria that are ALREADY PRESENT and have resistance flourish, where the normal flora is killed off. Third, when the antibiotic is removed, the normal flora return and the resistant strains die out. Now, if you can tell me how that demonstrates how bacteria arose from nothing and turned into bacteria, then we'll be getting somewhere.

Reading book?Been doing that for over 10 years.
Now, I'd suggest you go do what I've done, and read lots of books that discuss your beliefs from every angle (not just the ones you like) so you know what it says, and aren't just going on what someone else told you.Then read some of the late books out on darwinism's influence on Hitler, Stalin and the like.
You're simply ignorant. No need to insult you. I can tell you haven't been educated in any biology.

Once again. To pick at your earlier statement, search Sickle cell anemia.