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I believe in God. However, there's so many things I question about what He's done.

For example, He allows turmoil, disaster, death and sin to exist because of a bet with Satan. You can try to sugarcoat it, but in the end, Satan made a bet with God and God allowed us to suffer and pay for the sins of Adam and Eve so He can win.

It also bothers me why He couldn't just get rid of sin without having to sacrifice Jesus. God is the highest, so why couldn't He just get rid of it? It's not like there's someone saying to Him "Hey, no. You can't do that. Rules, RULES, man." And why did He get angry when Jesus was killed if He himself sent him to be killed on a mission to get rid of sin.

God also strikes me as childish, or having childish characteristics sometimes. He has all the things anyone can ask for: omnipotent, infinite wisdom, immortality, and not a care in the world, never having to worry about ANYTHING but gets angry and mad when some people on a rock don't worship or acknowledge him? Seriously?

And I love how God knew Lucifer was gonna turn into Satan, but made him anyway and allowed him to plunge the world into turmoil.
so you, just like some other Christians here on NB doubt bible...but believe in God.
I have a message to you and others like you: yes, there are so many contradicts and many illogical statements in Bible. Jesus, the son of god and god himself (as believed by christians - but note that this belief even contradicts some verses of Bible) died for our sins [of nothing we did] which was of what Adam or Eve did. This not sensible, yes. Do you guys know that many priests are converting to Islam every year? Search google, and know about their reasons to leave..study other religions..search for one true faith (like this guy). Im pretty sure you will reach a Book that will answer and solve almost all [if not all] questions asked by an Athiest or a christian like you.