I really can't explain his works in another way, Susumu Hirasawa's, that is.

If you've seen the anime movie 'Millenium Actress' or 'Paprika', then you've at least heard something of his work, same if you've watched Berserk.
There are probably more collaboration-works with anime of his out there, but just listen and be bewitched by I-don't-know-what.
Beware of the volume, you don't want to hurt your ears, because then you might not be able to listen to this again..

Believe it or not, but this is live. -_-..
Byakkoya(from Paprika)

From one of the most fantastic anime movies I know of, also, if you haven't watched the movie; skip this song and watch it instead:
Rotation Lotus(Millenium Actress - Watch it. Now. I know I am!)

With a side-dish of spoilers from the Berserk movie(I still insist you watch as the animation has its own effect, then you can watch the actual movie as it is so awesome!), I bring you:

I only post three of his works, I'd rather you guys provide your favourites if you have any besides the ones I've listed~

Btw, anyone here heard any of this before??