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    Goh Asuka

    Basic Information
    Name:Goh Asuka
    Nickname:metal rain of kumogakure
    Clan: Magnetism clan

    Looks: tan skin complexion, short black hair, black flame tattoo over left eyes, hazel eyes, scars over right eye and left cheek with a scarf that covers his nose down to the base of his neck. he wears light ninja armor that covers his torso, shoulders, forearms, waist and shins with a traditional gi under the armor. he carries a ninjato and a tanto on his lower back.

    Personality: serious and blood thirsty to his enemies but kind, chivalrous, and has a sense of humor to those he cares for.

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth:
    Village of Alliance:

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank:Kage
    Specialty:magnetism(needs training)/kenjutsu
    Elements:(in progress)/(in progress)/(mastered)/(mastered)/(in progress)/(in progress)
    Your ninjutsu:


    Background Info.
    History:an amnesiac ninja who wakes to find himself lying on the bank of an unfamiliar river. In fact, everything is unfamiliar, as the man finds that he can no longer remember his identity and has no memory of his life or situation up until the point of his regaining consciousness. Finding only a sword lying next to him on the ground, the man stumbles across an isolated and seemingly derelict shack, only to have an arrow shoot past his head and lodge itself into the shack's outer wall. Startled, the man scans the trees and undergrowth surrounding him, but then notices a letter attached to the arrow. The letter states that the person who wrote it is simply a "concerned bystander," and further identifies the amnesiac man as "Goh," a ninja of the Asuka family, which was wiped out the previous day. out of anger Goh crumbles the letter and doesn't read any further. and begin walking what he new was north. unknowingly he was in the lightning he walks up the lightning river he comes across rocky ridges that meets amazing heights. in the distance he sees a highly populated village filled with ninja similar to himself. this motivates him to make his way inside the village.

    once he makes his way a couple of miles away from the watchtower of the village a wall of earth emerges from the ground stopping him. a dark skinned ninja with long blonde hair and pupiless white eyes appears atop the wall requesting his name. he proudly yells "Goh" to the ninja standing on top of the earth wall. the dark skinned ninja's entire demeanor changes upon hearing the name."Goh i thought you were dead with your family! it's good to see that you're still breathing!",says the dark skinned ninja as he lets down the earth wall welcoming Goh. "Do i know you?",Goh asks the dark skinned ninja. "it's jinsokuna kaminari your best pal...did you hit yourself in the head?" he then makes his way inside the village with his new old comrade.

    while in the village jinsokuna leads him to a building in the center of the village while basically reminding Goh who he is, what he's done, and how this situation came to be. once making it to the door of the central building, takes his leave and heads back to the watchtower outside of the village. Goh then walk up the stair in the hallways and into a big office where there sat a dark skinned man with shades on his face and blond hair. on the desk the script read Raikage. "welcome back fool, ya fool!" the raikage yelled. ever since then goh has loyally served the raikage.


    Theme Song and Background Music:



    ~Dropping niro uzumaki if approved.

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