WARNING: LONG READ. I spent quite a bit of time putting this together and I know it's long so I greatly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read this

As a precursor i would suggest reading my previous post called, "Did no one else catch this? Or did i read it wrong" which is in the spoiler below. For those who don't want to read it here is a summary: The Juubi/Gedo Mazo was the source of the howl (WOOOAAAHHH), Senju/Juubi DNA inside zetsu reacted to the activation of Obtio's MS & the Moon. Resulting in Obito going on a killing spree.
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Everyone seems to be thinking that Obito yelling Wooooaaaahhh the whole time was just him going crazy and attacking everyone. And that may be true. But the way I read it was that Obito gained MS, then Zetsu's cells (aka Hashi's cells) reacted to it, Obito's right half instantly started looking like Gedo Mazo, and then it reacted almost as if the Juubi went on a craze. "Wooooaaaahhh" being the Juubi's howl.

Here is the pic where Obito's body is reacting and he starts looking like gedo mazo on his right half.

Look at the picture below. We see Obito asking "This place, Where am i?". He is relatively calm and collected. As if he just woke up from being unconscious and doesn't know where he is. Then immediately after he howls while looking at the moon. (kinda werewolf like)

In the next page it shows the growths spiraling towards the moon. As he slaughters the rest of the Mist ninja.

And in the last page on the bottom right it says, "The moon sheds tears".

We know from previous chapters that the moon is the Juubi's body that was cast into the sky by the SO6P. And we also know that the Gedo Mazo is a container / Body for the Juubi as well. We also know that Zetsu was created from that container. So is it too crazy to think that one is reacting to the other? The Moon plays a huge role not only in the past but in the future. "Moons eye plan?" It cannot be coincidence that the moon is shown twice along with Obito, who is covered in a armor made from Hashi/Juubi parts, yelling Wooooaaaahhhh.

So I'll ask again, Did i read this wrong? Or is this a HUGE forshadowing by kishi.

A lot of people have been posting about what looks like black chakra rods coming out of Obito in chapter 605. Getting sick of all retarded posts, I originally just discarded the idea. But I decided to do some more research into Gedo Mazo & the chakra rods. Leading me to Chapter 447 "Believe" where Yahiko just forced Nagato to kill him while surrounded by Danzo & Konoha Anbu and Hanzo & his shinobi. This is where i realized how strikingly similar Nagato and Obito's story are and how much the Gedo Mazo plays into both of their stories. What I would like to point out the most is the similarity in their killing spree afterwards.

In the picture below we see Yahiko dying by nagato's hand. For comparison, Rin dying by Kakashi's hand. Whether or not Rin's death was voluteered, intentional or forced is not what I want to discuss, but it is striking how similar the situations were. Both surrounded by a group of very skilled ninja and teammates kill each other.

Nagato shortly after becomes furious and summons Gedo Mazo. Guess what? We see both Gedo Mazo and Nagato scream WOOOAAAH.

Notice how immediately after he is summoned Gedo Mazo launches black rods into nagato.

Now for comparison. Notice how just after Obito witnesses Rin die. He becomes furious and yells WOOAAAHH. And shortly after black rods shoot out of his right half. Meaning it came from the fused tissue made from Gedo Mazo.

Back to nagato. Immediately after stabbed by Gedo Mazo's black rods, Nagato's entire demeanor changes. He looks like hes gone insane and goes into a killing spree. Yelling "WOOOAAAH" the whole time.


Same happens with Obito.

Are you seeing the similarity? Both after losing someone that was extremely precious to them are influenced by Gedo Mazo's black rods, Gaining ENORMOUS power and going into a crazed frenzy killing everyone around them. Yelling, "WOOOAAAH" the way through.

What am I getting at? Looking back at the two chapters we can assume that Gedo Mazo directly supplied Obito and Nagato's immense power, and that the chakra they were receiving was so foul it caused them to go crazy. I think the Juubi is somehow still present inside the Gedo Mazo, and that when Obito and Nagato were being influenced by it he possessed/controlled them. I believe the "Woooaaaahhh" was the scream/howl of the Juubi/Gedo Mazo itself. And in the second to last pane of Obito's story the Juubi reacted to the presence of the moon almost as if it was "reaching for it".

But that's not all I discovered in my research. For this next bit I would like to focus on this page from chapter 602.

Here we see Madara confirming that he is staying alive only because he is absorbing chakra through the Mazo.

Now we know that Nagato and Minato are relatively close to the same age. By looking at Nagato's age during that attack we can assume that yahiko's death happened around the same time (or within a few years later) as Obito's revival. What does this mean? It means that Nagato summoning Gedo Mazo could have been the reason Madara died. By summoning him Madara became detached from the mazo and stopped aborbing it's chakra.

This timeline also fits with the start of Akatsuki as we know it. Yes, technically they were started long before, but they were "good guys" then. After Yahiko and Madara's death could be when Nagato meets Obito (assuming hes evil by then), and together they work on the Moons Eye Plan and they begin collecting the tailed beasts. (Enter Konoha attack)

Thank you all for reading my findings and theories. I'd love to hear your opinions and critiques!