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    Re: Startling parallel between Obito & Nagato's story. Possibly a few HUGE discoverie

    Quote Originally Posted by Makz View Post
    I have a comment about the last part where Nagato summons the Gedo Mazo. If you read the page carefully, Konan seems to already know what Nagato wants to do. That would mean Nagato summoned the Gedo Mazo at some point when Yahiko was still alive. That would create the possibility that Madara died before Hanzo's betrayal on Akatsuki. I'm not entirely convinced by your theory though, but I'll give you rep for the effort.
    Well you could be right. You make a good point. But it could also just mean that they all have been to Madara's lair and know about Gedo Mazo. Otherwise how would Nagato even know about Gedo? She may have been saying "No nagato, don't" because it would kill Madara. *shrug*
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