So I've been seeing these threads saying that Kakashi is a genius. I agree he is. I also see people saying him and obito were the youngest to revive MS. To this I will say, awakening MS doesn't require much skill after all you don't even need 3 tomoe sharingan to awake MS, it will just 'come along'. Another thing is, Obito and Kakashi are 13 years old? Some say obito is older, but I don't know, and thread isn't about that anyway. Itachi was also 13 when he awoke MS, and he also became ANBU captain at 13. He joined Akatsuki when he was 13. None beats the facts from the manga, so please stop making those idiotic threads..

Evidence follows..

What takes skill is when you become able to USE the sharingan. Kakashi learns to copy jutsu for instance. Itachi was able to use his sharingan when he was 8 years old:

When the war was about to end, Itachi saw the causalities of war, which made him want to avoid it for any cost:

Notice how we are told that he was 4 when this happened. He was 5 during the 9 tail fox incident, sasuke had just been born. So this means that when he did the uchiha massacre he was 13 years old. He awakened MS at 13, he joined Akatsuki at the age of 13. None can compare to such facts..

Itachi could beat Orochimarou in his prime, when Itachi was 13-14 years old:

Afterwards Oro leaves akatsuki cause he realized he couldn't take itachis eyes, so he went for sasuke instead.

Of course Obito was afraid of Itachi...

Of course Itachi could beat Obito if he knew his secret, he said so himself:

Look how Obito talks about Itachi. He obviously feared that man more than anything. He was also very amazed that Itachi found him when he asked him to help with the uchiha massacre..

Of course when he gained the rinnengan and his paths it becomes another story, but think about it. He waited long before making Nagato go to Konoha and capture tha 9-tailed beast. It could had been done earlier, and it would have been easier, but untill Itachis death Obito knew that if he made Nagato go to Konoha, Itachi would probably interfere. He couldn't risk that, so he waited till after his death, which he knew would come.

Stop using evidence to say otherwise due to material from a few new chapters when we got 500 chapters telling us otherwise, it's a disgrace to the entire story, when you say Kakashi and Obito must be more talented than Itachi when they awoke MS at the age of 13. Obito with zetsu body, kakashi with implanted rinnengan.. Even with these adds they shouldn't be compared to true Uchiha like Itachi.

I'm no fanboy, so if you can prove otherwise than what I just said, I will accept it.. But knowing you can't don't waste your time on it..

Obitos dimension may be hell, but Itachi was in hell for most of his life as the title of this chapter says:

He is way out of their league