Dont get me wrong, Obito is super frikkin awesome! The only villain who could even hope to be on his level is Sasuke, next is Madara and Orochimaru(i guess).(not strength wise)

I agree that his Kamui is Uber Godly, he can pretty much do whatever he wants and go wherever he wants. Plus he has the best follower anyone could ever ask for! Zetsu! Zetsu's powers are too much for any one man to command! But I believe these things have made him over confident and careless. He talks as if he is untouchable, but he clearly isnt!

The only person Obito was truly cautious of was Itachi! I believe he handled Itachi's situation very well, escaping Itachi's attempt on his life and getting what he wanted in the end, another partial follower with deadly power, just like Nagato was(although Madara set that one up).

Obito needs to be more careful and not underestimate his enemies.