Hey guys, today we have a special anniversary,
it is now one year since Madara came back.
And I have to say it was a fast year, we had so
many topics and looking back at the following scences
may look like it just happened yesterday, but in fact
it's months ago.

What we experienced:

- Madara came back and he was stronger than the 5 Kages
- Tobi summoned the Gedo Mazou and all the Bijuus.
- We saw the Sage of the Six Paths ( well his coat )
- We learned the names of the Bijuus
- Naruto and Kurama fused
- Madara showed us the perfect Susanoo and free himself from Edo Tensei
- Itachi and Sasuke met and talked
- Kabuto's past was shown
- We learned about Izanami
- Edo Tensei was canceled.
- And finally we saw Tobi without Mask

Here I made a clock where all main events are shown next to their corresponding

( just realized, it has to say October where 12'o clock is )

We discussed so much and we had so many theories and ideas.
And I hope this will continue next year ^^
I'm so exited, what will happen in the next 12 months,
Naruto vs Sasuke, Kakshi vs Obito, will Madara be defeated, are the kages still alive,
will the war end, what will orochimaru do ? All those questions that have to be answered !