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    so like i need things

    Obitos possessed rampage?

    I know this might have been posted but I couldn't find anything in the search.

    I think since the zetsu clone covered obito and fused there powers I feel like he was possessed in a way when he went on his rampage. It seems that zetsu is born or maybe created from the mazo (in theory) so its also part mazo. Also we know that hashi cells are also implanted into the roots of the statue to have. With that being said it allows it to have his wood style and earth jutsu. That also explains zetsus abilities to go through the earth and stuff like that. So when the tobi/zetsu clone wrapped itself around obito and fused it gave him thoes abilities. Wood style.

    You can also notice when the gedo was summoned it was doing that WHOAAAAH growl type noise just like obito was during his rampage and if you look at obits back in the rampage he has the spikes coming just like the gedos back.
    So I think that the power of the gedo was in control or was aiding him.

    So i think the tobi masked zetsu clone will merge with obitos body. It explains the split personalities of obito and tobi when he first was shown. The clone also said that they heal faster , and remember obitos arm quickly heals after narutos rasengan . It explains his strength and stamina and his ability to change his voice. His personality is most likely selective and he can switch between the both... Also the clones think faster and are stronger.

    If you also think about it when obito was acting like the good boy. how do u think he planted diedaras bombs so fast befor fighting sasuke. He was using the same earth jutsu as zetsu and he gets that ability when they fuse bodies. And that's how's he got away from diedaras final explosion.

    What do you think ?

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    Re: Obitos possessed rampage?

    good theory.

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    Re: Obitos possessed rampage?

    It sounds like a good theory. I made one a few days ago about the same thing and it's like nobody has even seen it.
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