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Yes i agree with you that danzo did dirty work. Which is why its good to kill him cuz he did things in a evil way
Itachi slaughtered his clan but that was a good thing for everyone, even itachis dad was proud of him

I agree too that sasukes light was fading because he used susanoo to much, not really ameterasu
But thanks to itachi eyes, sasuke still continues to use ameterasu for justice
I said that Danzo DID ALL THE DIRTY WORK ON ORDER TO PROTECT KONOHA-A GOOD INTENTION,NOT EVIL.Sorry for caps but I am not pleased you don't look at the important things.AND DANZO GAVE ITACHI THE MISSION TO SLAUGHTER THE UCHIHA CLAN,IT WAS DANZO IDEA!!!so Danzo had good intention,not evil,as Sasuke does