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    Re: Obito's Susano'o

    Quote Originally Posted by BudakPurba View Post
    izanagi is only for those who posses senju and uchiha cells together... it was originally use by sage of six paths... thats why the ones who can performs it , the sage of six paths, danzo, obito.... this is the proof
    Sorry but no. What Tobi was saying is that he could manipulate the time length of Izanagi because he had Hashirama's DNA/powers. This is why he said Danzo couldn't replicate what he did because he couldn't control Hashirama's powers. Izanagi does not need Hashirama's powers UNLESS you are a non-Uchiha. This is why Danzo had access to that ability.

    Itachi explanation on Izanami pretty much makes what you said false.

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