I'm not hating or anything but Naruto part 1 was way and way better then Shippuden, the animation is lower then part 1 the events occurring in part 1 were way more entertaining and enjoyable to watch and all the tactic has completely dissapeared after Sasuke vs Deidara and Naruto vs Pein,

It used to be so much strategy to defeat the enemy now it's all about Susano'o >>> every other ninja or Bijuu mode >>> every other ninja, in part 1 you could beat the hardest enemies even if you were weak for example take Naruto vs Kabuto, Kabuto was obviously way stronger then Naruto at that time
( he disabled tsunade's arms and legs and pretty much owned her ) and kabuto just got cocky after he stabbed Naruto with the kunai and that was an opportunity for Naruto to hit him point blank with the rasengan.

And now Naruto has become DBZ, you guys might flame me for this but think about it, the final battle with Sasuke and Naruto will be amaterasu, susano'o spam and bijuu bomb and final bijuu mode spam, we'll be watching giant monsters fight and i'd really rather have the tactical taijutsu battles like before, now it's just < insert OP move > and spam that shit the whole fight, look at Sasuke vs Danzo that was a amaterasu spamfest it's not even funny, the susano'o was cool and all but only when it was a ribcage and you actually had to get close now it's just completely the opposite and i'm pretty sick of it.

I just miss part 1 guys don't you??

we could've ended it right here folks:

Oh yeah for people who don't think it was kirin i found ya a pic it's just to coincidential:

Thanks for reading.